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Principal's Corner

Principal's Corner - March

~Principal's Corner, March

“Researchers Say Grit is Key to School Success”

What do spelling champions and West Point cadets have in common? It’s a quality known as grit---the ability to stick with something even when it’s hard.

These days, researchers say grit is important. People who persist when a task gets challenging are most likely to be successful. To build grit:

Teach your child to focus on how good it will feel to finish a tough task. “You did your homework. Now you can relax and enjoy yourself.”
Emphasize starting. People with grit don’t put off unpleasant tasks. So help your child develop the habit of getting started. “You work on homework and I’ll clean the kitchen. Let’s see what we can finish in 15 minutes." 
Stress effort versus ability. Tell your child that success requires dedication and effort as much or more than intelligence.
~Selina Hall